Shifting Boundaries


Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto ON

This iterative, multi-media installation invites visitors to explore the industrial space and consider how the city shapes us, and how we can shape our city. The artwork strives to remind us that cities are a constant invention and informed by urban imaginaries.


An increasing portion of the world population live within

the urban landscape. Within this context, city dwellers are continually navigating the physical, social and political realities of city spaces. Shifting Boundaries explores how urban systems interact, what tensions they present, and asks questions - How do we connect to our environment? What does it mean to be a city builder, or a city dweller? How can we better understand the shifting boundaries of our urban lives and better participate in its growth and evolution?


To develop the content for this installation, we interviewed

18 leading city builders in the Toronto region. Through

a variety of artistic vehicles that afford special attention

to human scale and multi sensory experience,

Shifting Boundaries explores the critical challenges to

advancing sustainable and liveable urban environments.



Future Cities Canada