William's Case for Future Cities


1.2 m x 1 m x 1.2 m

Mixed Media

No 9 Contemporary Artfest, Todmorden Mills, Toronto ON

  • William Taylor founded the Don Valley Brick Works over a century ago and his story is the catalyst for exploring relationship to land. The case holds jars filled with brick clay from the former brickworks. The nature specimens that adorn the hood were gathered recently by children exploring the Don Valley. The juxtaposition speaks to a sense of place over generations. The labels spell out "Hidden Connections". The term refers to a book written by Fritjof Capra whereby he extends system dynamics and complexity theory to the social domain and presents a conceptual framework that integrates life’s biological, cognitive and social dimensions.

    History of Don Valley Brick Works 

    Evergreen Green City Camp

    Toronto Ravine Trails

    Hidden Connections